Rajasthani Phad Art for Age 7 ‘n’ above


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Welcome to our series of folk art books designed to teach your child about the different art forms of India in a fun and easy way.

Folk Art with Real Artists Rajasthani Phad for age 7 and above is an innovative drawing and colouring book with drawings by a leading Rajasthani Phad artist, Shankarlal Bhopa. Your child will learn the basic style of Rajasthani Phad by tracing over and colouring the drawings. The drawings have been carefully selected keeping in mind the abilities of children of different age-groups.

The book is a paperback in A4 size, on good quality strong paper, and includes stickers with details from Shankarlalji’s original artwork. Our folk art series make great back-presents for birthday parties. Browse our webstore for other books in this series.